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Sala Vazia is a creative platform created in 2017 by the artists Clara Bastos, Eric Barbosa, Ingra Rabelo, and Kennya Mendes in the North East region of Brazil.

The initiative is organized as a collaborative project for the promotion, circulation, and presentation of artistic processes and their integration with other agents, platforms, and entities locally, nationally, and internationally. The project focuses on sound arts, performing arts, audiovisual arts, and digital arts, among other multi-language disciplines.

Its residency program called Itinerant Sala Vazia allows artists to circulate in a wide network of local initiatives, festivals, theaters, universities, institutions, artistic spaces, galleries, and other residencies from Latin America and from other countries around the world. The aim is for the artists to produce a project in autonomous spaces such as the founders’ projects Trincheira or Sala Vazia and then develop a circulation of the work allowing the creation of an artistic flow and actions based on common experience. The artist is called a « satellite artist », as they are emitters and receivers of experiences.

The residency is open to national and international emerging artists without any restriction of gender, religion, or race, and is oriented to research and production programs. Artists will be hosted in private or shared rooms in an inn not far from the Sala Vazia, where they’ll find private and shared studios, a dark room, a sound recording studio, a library, a dance floor, a VR studio, computers, and assistance in the realization and diffusion of their projects. The selection is made through contacting the founders, indicating their project proposal, website, and videos illustrating their ideas.

Foundation year



Clara Bastos
Eric Barbosa
Ingra Rabelo
Kennya Mendes



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Sala Vazia
Rua Coronel Ferraz, 76/80 – Fortaleza – CE, Brasil


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