Campo das Artes

Campo das Artes

Campo das Artes is a residence of artists, oriented to the theater production but open to every discipline.

It welcomes artists from Brasil and abroad in São Luiz do Purunã, forty kilometers from Curitiba in the region of Paraná, south Brasil.
The actor Luis Melo, born in Curitiba in 1947, has become a true star of the Brazilian cinema and theater. Since he started his career in 1969, he has received numerous awards for best actor both in television and theater and was declared to have performed the best Brazilian’s interpretation of Macbeth in 1992.
Artists who would come to the Campo das Artes will find a state of the art complex that will allow them to develop any kind of theatrical and artistic projects. Extended on 64 acres in a rural environment, the Campos das Artes count with numerous buildings, multi-function spaces, exterior and indoor theaters, a restaurant, fully-equipped studios, professional kitchens, and accommodations for up to 30 persons.
Veronica Macedo, manager of the Campo das Artes, confides here:
«Luis Melo had a very beautiful dream. He bought this land here, this rural area, to assemble a whole structure to absorb all possible artistic modalities so that art is spread to the community».
The Campos das Artes is indeed very involved with the inhabitants of the region:
«This is above all a space that belongs to the community, that belongs to the people who want to use it, the people who will take care of it, the people who will help us to take this project forward,» explains Marco Antonio Garbellini, coordinator of the space.

The huge art center is oriented on three main axes: theatre, gastronomy, and design, but is open to visual arts, architecture, and fashion creation as well in order to spread a wider understanding of culture and contemporary arts to the local public.
«The Campo das Artes has an important role, not only artistic but also, socially, politically, in a strategic place for people to think and discuss a better world through art,» concludes Luis Melo, founder, and director of the Campo das Artes.

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Campo das Artes
São Luiz do Purunã, Paraná, Brasil


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