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Under Pressure Taller

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Under Pressure Taller is a professional studio close by the Paraná de Las Palmas River dedicated to engraving, printmaking, and graphic arts created in 2004 by the Argentinian artist Lorena Pradal.

The workshop is specialized in graphic projects, book editing, and art editions, and is used to collaborate with a wide panel of artists from various disciplines as well as art students from the Buenos Aires province. The studio is dedicated to xylography, various lithography processes, mono-copies, and etching, and counts with two presses 60x120cm for engraving, a binding press, and a Minerva typographic printing machine. 

The residency program welcomes two artists every year without restriction of nationality, origin, age, gender, or career level. The program is open to all artists from the graphic arts but also welcomes visual artists in general, poets, philosophers, activists, paper artists, and illustrators with experimental, educational, spiritual, or multidisciplinary approaches. Selected artists will be living in the house of the founder near the studio where they’ll be able to experiment daily, and they will also have a private studio at disposition. They will be followed and guided in their creative processes during their one month-stay at Under Pressure.

Artists will have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities taking place in the studio such as interdisciplinary projects, expeditions, classes, and cultural events, and they may as well organize workshops, exhibitions, and open studios. Artists can apply generally around the month of January by sending a resume with their Instagram accounts, a body of their latest artworks, and a project proposal.

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Under Pressure Taller
Sargento Cabral 936, Zárate, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


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