Curadora is an art residency created in 2013 by the artists Cintia Clara Romero and Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez in the municipality of San Rosé del Rincón, Argentina.

Located in a semi-rural environment, close by the Ubajay river and surrounded by nature, Curadora opened its doors to national artists, curators, and cultural managers that want to develop cultural or social projects.

With various open calls a year, artists in residence can count on Curadora’s management to find a way to cover the expenses of the stay, from transportation to accommodation and alimentation, and providing access to a carpenter studio, a workshop, and a vast garden, as well as curatorial support.

«We have artists who can work the video, the performance, the textile art, the painting, the drawing, it is very varied» indicates Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez, founder of the project.

With more than 70 artists that passed by the residence since its creation, Curadora has become the epicenter of the artistic production in the province of Santa Fé and attracts many local artists around its residents.

«We as artists always think that residencies are the places and the ideal time for an artist to produce, to be in contact with peers, to know other scenes, basically, a residence is a place of training for an artist» explains Cintia Clara Romero, founder of Curadora.

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Cintia Clara Romero
Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez




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San José del Rincón, Santa Fe, Argentina


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