Sem Licença

Sem Licença

Sem Licença is an art residency created in 2017 by Milena Costa de Souza and Pedro Vieira in Curitiba, Brazil.

The residence is born from a previous project of an art gallery that took place on the streets of several countries through Latin America and evolved into a physical space welcoming artists from around the world. The residency takes place in a luminous flat closeby to the art gallery Ponto de Fuga where the residents are invited to show the works resulting from their stay.

« The story was to do a shared space, which translates into something that has a gallery and a residence, and where there is an exchange between both, » explains Pedro Vieira, photographer and founder of the residence.

The artists can apply to the open calls, one each year is fully funded, and they will be offered a place to live, some help from dedicated tutors of the local art scene to work on their projects during few months, and a final exhibition in the gallery.

« I think that now, residencies can be very powerful, because we are in a political and economic crisis in the country, and we used to have a lot of financial help and aid from the government. And now, everything is dried out, so I think that initiatives like this are very important to keep the scene going and growing, » indicates Milena Costa de Souza, artist and founder of Sem Licença.

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Milena Costa de Souza
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Latin America


Sem Licença
R. Saldanha Marinho, 1220 - Centro, Curitiba - PR, 80430-160, Brasil


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