Residencia en Residencias

Residencia en Residencias

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Residencia en Residencias is an experimental initiative born in response to the global pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020 under the impulsion of the Argentinian artist Rita Simoni.

It intends to collaboratively support the processes of individual artists. The project gathers seven women artists that all together participate in a virtual and conversational experience of horizontal curatorial practices so that each artist may challenge, transform, and elevate the level of their own inspirations. 

The works and processes of the artists are then shown on Instagram to share the results of each artist’s reflections, problematics, and progresses. The program is organized as a community platform connecting the houses and studios of each participant to build a network of artists and generate new contents that continue to enrich the contemporary art fields even during lockdown periods.

For now, the program is only open to national women artists and lasts for a minimum of three months. All disciplines are accepted from visual arts, plastic arts, ceramic, textile arts, to installation arts but only mid-career and established artists are invited to join the residency. As all the participants stay in their own homes during the residency, the program is self-directed and does not count with financial support nor participation fees. When the situation will normalize itself, a collective exhibition and some workshops will be organized in the city of Buenos Aires after each residency to show the results of this online collaborative model of creation. 

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Residencia en Residencias
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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