Residência Artística Vale do Ribeira

Residência Artística Vale do Ribeira

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Residência Artística Vale do Ribeira is an independent initiative created in 2011 by the artists Fernando Caixeta and Tiê Pilger Nicolai on a small island off the coast of São Paulo’s State.

The mission of the project is to organize and lead actions that stimulate sensorial and collective experiences, innovation, creative processes, investigations, the environmental preservation of the Mata Atlántica, and the production of contemporary arts. It also works towards the creation of a network of artists and cultural agents that would generate new aesthetic interactions and experimental culture for the local community of the Ribeira Valley. 

Each residency is specially designed with specificities and activities around the local context so that the processes developed by the residents would open a dialogue with new publics and bring them to think on the socio-economic potential of the region they’re living in, specially for the youth. 

The residency is open to national artists only with no restrictions on age, gender, discipline, or career level, and they can choose between self-directed or curated programs. Up to twelve artists are selected each year for a two to four weeks residency during which they will be hosted on-site in shared rooms, companion friendly, or have the opportunity to plant their own tent in the garden. They will have access to private and shared studios, a library, exhibition spaces, and inspirational natural environments for hikes. Artists will be given the opportunity to organize workshops, exhibitions, performances, publications, and readings. Artists may apply to the biannual open calls by sending a curriculum vitae stating the artist’s website, Instagram account, Facebook page, and video channel and a project proposal.

Foundation year



Fernando Caixeta
Tiê Pilger Nicolai




Residência Artística Vale do Ribeira
Av. São Paulo, 1000 - Balneário Adriana, Ilha comprida, SP - Brazil


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