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Lugar a Dudas was born in 2005 on the initiative of the artist Oscar Muñoz, who wanted to create in Cali a new kind of collaborative space with a group of artists that would break up with the hierarchical relationships established in the cultural field.

« It inspired Oscar to share this idea and develop the project that is now Lugar a Dudas. Above all, it is a space that is constantly questioning, that is also what the name alludes to (Place of Doubts in English), we are always questioning, rethinking, responding to the needs of the context, » indicates Sally Mizrachi, co-founder and current director of Lugar a Dudas.

In 2006, Lugar a Dudas was invited by Alessio Antoniolli, Director of the British art-space Gasworks, to establish a network of art-spaces that would organize the cultural mobility in South America. The projects lasted three years during which artists were invited to realize art residencies in between Brazil with the residency Capacete, Bolivia with Kiosko Galería, Argentina with the former project El Basilisco, and Colombia with Lugar a Dudas. Strong from this experience, Lugar a Dudas continued to invite artists, consolidating its residency program with a dedicated space for the residents, and inserting them into the context and local art scene of the city.

« Little by little, the program became more solid to what it is today, which is a very flexible program where what we want is for the artist who comes to the residence to be involved in the context, who does not come with a preconceived idea but who, with the context generates a possible project to be developed, » explains Sally Mizrachi.

Dedicated to visual arts, the residency is also open to curators, dancers, writers, performers, activists, DJ, or philosophers. Artists will be provided with a very comfortable living space, they’ll also have access to the different spaces of Lugar a Dudas, such as the workspaces, the library, the cinema, or the garden. The artists in residence, up to six at the same time, are invited to get to know the work of each other, which is an opportunity to create relationships with artists from all over the world. After their introduction, they will be presented to local artists and institutions of Cali with whom they can get involved in the project they choose to follow during their residency.

They will be invited to give talks and presentations in academic institutions of the city, and at the end of the residency, they will be given the opportunity to present the results of their researches to the local community, not necessarily a finished work, but rather the process of creation they have experienced in Cali.

« I was interested in this place, Lugar a Dudas, mainly because of the position they have regarding creation, artistic creativity, and the cultural offers that are in the city. Also, I think the city caught my attention from the beginning. In addition to all the transcendence that this place has since it has been making residences for many years, which are super well-organized residencies, the place here is completely made and designed so that people can simply arrive and generate the processes they have in mind, » confides Sergio Ruiz Trejo, artist in residence at Lugar a Dudas in 2019.

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Lugar a Dudas
Cl. 15 Nte., Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


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