Geothe-Institut Vila Sul

Geothe-Institut Vila Sul

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Goethe-Institut is the international cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany that promotes the study of the German language abroad since 1952.

The Goethe-Institut counts with 159 centers in 90 countries, fostering its country's knowledge by providing educational programs and information on its culture, art, politics, and society. It also actively participates in diplomatic relations with foreign countries by encouraging cultural exchanges, notably in cinema, music, theater, literature, and contemporary disciplines. 

The Goethe-Institut has several residency programs around the world working by invitation only and Salvador de Bahia’s center Vila Sul is one of them. Up to twenty artists are invited each year to immerse themselves in Bahia’s local cultural scene, the city, and the surrounding nature, and they are encouraged to build strong relationships with local and international artists. The program is thematic-oriented and invites artists to think on the general concept of “South”. It welcomes recognized national and international artists from various disciplines, intellectuals, scientists, writers, investigators, and creative minds working with transdisciplinary approaches or on research projects. The residency is designed to receive a group of four artists at the same time for a two months program during which they are hosted in private rooms and have access to shared workspaces, a library, a room equipped for performing arts with a dance floor and a stage, computers, 3D printers, a darkroom, VR studios, and exhibition spaces. In addition, artists will receive professional coaching and participate in meetings with local artists, curators, and researchers. Although there is no obligation of results, residents are asked to realize at least two public events during their residency.

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Geothe-Institut Vila Sul
Av. Sete de Setembro, 1809, 40080-002 Salvador-Bahia, Brasil


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