Espaço de Residência Artística Vale Arvoredo

Espaço de Residência Artística Vale Arvoredo

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The Espaço de Residência Artística Vale Arvoredo is a private initiative started in 2011 by the artists Carolina Garcia Marques and Paulo Balardim.

Vale Arvoredo aims to create a space for the exchange of arts, cultures, education, sustainable energy, creative economies, ecology, and the preservation of native flora and fauna. Indeed, the center is based on a 14 hectares field, out of which 10 are covered by virgin native jungle including waterfalls and streams. The project closely works with numerous public institutions, private companies, and non-governmental organizations.

The residency program is open to creators and artists from all disciplines, with a focus on transdisciplinary practitioners, and with the objective of deepening interpersonal and environmental relationships. More than 30 artists are selected each year for a month-long residency during which they can choose between self-directed, research, production, or workshop programs. Artists in residence will be hosted in a large house, in shared or private rooms, companion friendly, where collectives and troops can apply as well. They will have access to private and shared studios, a dark room, a library, plein air common spaces, a rehearsal room with a dance floor, a stage, and exhibition spaces. Artists will be allowed to organize workshops, classes, exhibitions, open studios, or professional coaching depending on their projects and the space’s availabilities. National and international artists can apply by sending a curriculum vitae including the artist’s website, an artist statement, and a project proposal linked to performing arts, somatic education, cinema, or ecology among other disciplines.

Foundation year



Carolina Garcia Marques
Paulo Balardim




Espaço de Residência Artística Vale Arvoredo
Estr. São José Santa Maria do Herval, 2-2140, Morro Reuter - RS, Brazil


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