Casa Samambaia

Casa Samambaia

Casa Samambaia is an independent cultural center created in 2020 under the impulsion of the Cultural and Environmental Collective led by the Brazilian artists, activists, and environmentalists Joana Bueno, Otavio Avancini, and Andrea Mello.

The project fosters cultural and environmental projects aiming at the preservation of the Atlantic Forest, the promotion of the local historical heritage and traditions, and the legitimization of ancestral knowledge. It also studies sociocultural methodologies and positive actions that respect the pluralities of the surrounding communities. Casa Samambaia is located within the Wildlife Refuge of ‘Serra da Estrela’ State Park, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, and on the historic heritage trail known as ‘Gold Trail’ where most of the Brazilian precious minerals passed through during the Portuguese occupation. 

Its residency program aims at developing projects that open a dialogue between art, nature, traditions, and local communities and particularly focuses on contextual thinking, poetical concepts, and ecosystems’ preservation. 

The program is open to national and international visual artists, performing artists, land artists, philosophers, writers, and artists working with environmental or transdisciplinary practices. The programs take place four times a year and welcome four artists for each session during a two to four weeks period. Artists will be hosted in private or shared rooms, breakfast included, and they will have access to private and shared studios, a library, common plain air workspaces, and exhibition spaces. Artists will have the opportunity to take part and organize workshops, conferences, performances, exhibitions, or open studios during their residency. They can apply to the seasonal open calls by sending a resume stating their website, social media, and a project proposal.

Foundation year



Joana Bueno
Otavio Avancini
Andrea Mello




Casa Samambaia
Raiz da Serra, Magé - Estado de Río de Janeiro, Brasil


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