Casa da Xiclet

Casa da Xiclet

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The Casa da Xiclet is one of the most atypic residency programs of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Created in 2001 by Adriana Duarte, alias Xiclet, this residence of artists welcomed more than 500 artists and held around 200 exhibitions since its creation.

« Some people call me a curator but curatorship is very close to being a housewife, you take care of the artworks and of the artist {…} I graduated in arts and transformed that house into an artwork {…} my work is to keep it evolving, to make exhibitions every month with new artists and old artists, to mix everybody » explains the famous Xiclet.

Artists who are doing their residency in Casa da Xiclet sleeps and works in the gallery, and participate in the numerous social and artistic activities organized in the infrastructures.

« A gallery in a house, a house in a gallery, I do not know yet how to define this space {…} Casa da Xiclet is a crazy space that is open to everyone. It is a space where we discuss everything, politics, art, life in general » confides Severine Grosjean, journalist in residence at Casa da Xiclet.

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Casa da Xiclet
Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05416-012, Brésil


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