A L T O Art Residency

A L T O Art Residency

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A L T O Art Residency is an independent initiative created in 2012 in the mountainous region of Alto Paraíso.

Initiated by the Brazilian artists, environmentalists, and activists Marianne Soisalo, Rafael Perez Evans, and Karolina Daria Flora in partnership with the Mariri Jungle Lodge, the project intends to be a container for contemporary art and culture in the middle of an exuberant flora and fauna part of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, an area known for its quartz crystal geological undergrounds and the positive vibrations emanating from it, explaining why it is home to more than forty religious and spiritual communities. The ever-changing landscapes are an inspirational invitation to set new works in motion in contact with communities respectful of the environment and developing local, sustainable, and cultural activities.

Its residency program is self-directed and provides space to ten artists each year for critical observation and elaboration of conceptual and technical projects. The program is open to national and international artists, filmmakers, photographers, land artists, and performing artists particularly interested in working on their own creations or with environmental or experimental practices. 

Up to two artists at the same time can apply for residency periods varying from one week to three months. Artists will be hosted in private rooms, pet friendly, and will have access to private and shared studios, glass, wood, adobe tools, recycling materials, a library, a dance floor, silkscreen equipment, a greenhouse, and a meditation temple. Artists will be participating in daily community building activities, collective meals, circle talks, and work with permaculture practices. They can apply with a CV, an artist statement, a portfolio, and a project proposal. 

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Marianne Soisalo
Rafael Perez Evans
Karolina Daria Flora



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Latin America




A L T O Art Residency
Av. Ary Ribeiro Valadão Filho, Qd 19 Lt 6, Setor Central - Alto Paraíso de Goiás - Goiás - Brazil


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