Social media, podcasts, videos, and books to promote your residency

John Early is the founder of Momentom, an art residency dedicated to circus arts, yoga, and spirituality.

With its itinerant programs in amazing locations, and skilled artists in residence and teachers participating, the program became quite famous in the artistic community. The use of social medias has also been an important communication tools to capture the locations as well as the work of the residents, notably on Facebook and Instagram.

A major communication tool has been the production of video content with a local videographer. “He makes some in-house videos for us, as well as Global Degree, to create some really true, inspiring visual content both for the residence and the artists, and for Momentom. So things have been spreading out a lot that way, to get a visual feast to showcase what we've been able to create in-house,” confides John Early.

Among the other shared contents for the online community, photos are also a great way of immortalizing aerial and acro-yoga practices, activities, as well as the artists in residence, the community participating in the experience, and “these stunning locations and the kind of shapes that we can create with the body,” explains the founder.

Another communication tool is the podcasts recorded with invited musicians, philosophers, residents, teachers, guests, and spiritual guides, and that are available on Momentom’s website and iTunes. “It's been great to be able to drop in with these people that we find inspiring for a full 45 minutes or an hour conversation, and to spread word-of-mouth that way, and to really get into some deeper conversation with both residents and guest teachers,” indicates John Early. From these podcasts, a possible Momentom album could be in motion, which would surely be quite a success.

Other possible communication contents could be a book, which would retrace the history of the residency, and the ongoing blog and website’s archive would come quite handy for its redaction. “I think a Momentom book for sure would be in the works. I mean, just one day in residence here, you could tell so many stories of the lives that people have been living here, and the change and the impact that living in a community that is really for the people, by the people, and what that can create has been truly, truly inspiring,” concludes John Early.

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