TEOR/éTica - arte + pensamiento - Alter Academia

TEOR/éTica - arte + pensamiento - Alter Academia

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TEOR/éTica is a private foundation created in 1999 by the artist, critic, and curator Virginia Pérez-Ratton to promote the production of contemporary art and the development of critical thinking from Central America.

The name of the project implies theory, ethics and aesthetics. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the space functions as a platform for research and dissemination of artistic practices, with the support of an important community of national and international cultural agents. The project seeks to open spaces for debate, doubt, experimentation, and conversations about art and culture in dialogue with local and global social and political realities. Over the past two decades, TEOR/éTica has become a reference in contemporary arts and new ways of thinking in Latin America.

Initiated in 2016, the Alter Academia residency program is conceived as a school. Each year, four emerging Costa Rican artists are selected to create a program that responds to the needs of the group and contributes to their research. The objective is to create a space for testing methodologies and exchanging thoughts between artists and agents from different disciplines. Through conversations, workshops and dialogues with different audiences, the aim is to explore alternative ways of doing and working in order to open up possibilities that go beyond the traditional ways of constructing and socializing knowledge. The selection of participants was initially by invitation and then by open call. Each artist receives a grant that can be used freely at his or her discretion. In addition, each artist inhabits a workspace at the Centro de Investigación y Documentación Lado V.

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TEOR/éTica - arte + pensamiento - Alter Academia
Calle 7 y Avenida 11, San José, Costa Rica


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