Residencia Adelina

Residencia Adelina

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The Adelina Instituto is a private cultural center founded in 2017 by Fabio Luchetti and named after Brazilian philanthropist and humanist Adelina Morra Luchetti, known as «Dona Nininha».

To honor her memory, the Institute has been designed as a sharing platform for contemporary arts and culture promoting investigation and production projects and stimulating the diffusion of artistic and formative initiatives. Thus, the Institute proposes numerous trans-disciplinary events, workshops, classes, conferences, programs for young artists, curatorial awards and programs, educational programs, programs for seniors, mentoring for mid-career artists, production grants, and many exhibitions with cultural mediation.

Each year, two artists from Latin America (South America, Central America, the Caribbean or Mexico) are selected for a two-months fully funded residency that is open to visual artists, sound artists, multimedia artists, and to all creative minds from different supports and formats.

Selected artists will be granted private accommodation, shared studio spaces, per diem allowance, and a grant covering the production costs of the project or the investigation. In addition, artists will be participating in curatorial programs, open debates, meetings with cultural agents of the city, scheduled visits to other institutions and art schools of the region, and will receive critical mentoring and executive production for the realization of open-studios, workshops, and public events. Artists can apply to the open-call that generally happens in spring by submitting a resume, a letter of intent, a portfolio, and a project proposal. The total grant amount is approximately $2300 per artist for the full residency, production, and final presentation of the residency results.

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Residencia Adelina
R. Cardoso de Almeida, 1285 - Perdizes, São Paulo


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