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Oricuri is an independent initiative born in 2017 from the encounters of a small group of artists, curators, and cultural managers, now led by the curators Edmar Brasil and Fabiana Marques, and the artist Tiago Ribeira in Salvador de Bahia.

Their idea was to create a production space for multidisciplinary artists where they could experiment with new works related to the region and its natural surroundings, and in contact with experienced professionals. The main goals of the project are to build an immersive environment propitious to collaborative and transdisciplinary practices, and to contribute to the strengthening of intellectual and intercultural exchanges in Bahia’s area.

The residency proposes two thematic programs, one called “Afro-Diasporic Connections” which promotes an immersion into the universe of Afro-Indian traditions and offers space for investigation and collaborative projects related to its unfolding in contemporary arts. This program, happening in Salvador, aims at developing long-lasting relationships between the local art scene and national and international artists working for social transformations through better access to art processes and production. 

The second program “Art, Environment, and Traditional Technologies” focuses on artistic creation in relation to nature and traditional knowledge. It takes place in Mata de São João, a coastal location composed of dunes, lakes, rivers, and beaches, located on the northern coast of Bahia. This program is specially designed for sound artists and performance artists. 

In any case, both programs last for one month during which the two selected artists will be hosted in private rooms and have access to shared studios, sound recording facilities, a library, printers, and professional assistance.

Foundation year



Edmar Brasil
Tiago Ribeiro
Fabiana Marques






Salvador & Mata de São João, Bahía, Brasil


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