La Flecha del Arte

La Flecha del Arte

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La Flecha del Arte is an independent initiative started in 2013 by the visual artist Margarita Garcia Faure that invites creative minds to explore the territory through art, philosophy, and spirituality.

It is a pretext for the generation of dialogues between artists and artworks that put nature at the center of their development. The name of the project «the art arrow» is a metaphor of the actions occurring from the contemplation and the direction taken by creativity thanks to different winds. The project organizes micro-residencies in natural environments, visual arts workshops, curatorial projects, exhibitions, lectures, mentoring of emerging artists, interdisciplinary seminaries, and many art meetings.

The residency program is trans-disciplinary and open to national and international artists, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, land artists, digital artists, performers, writers, philosophers, musicians, papermakers, painters, composers, illustrators, and spiritual artists. As the program is called «Micro-residency, art in nature», a special focus on the environment, the rural context, and experimental practices should lead the artists’ project, and it should be doable in a short period of time as the residency generally doesn’t exceed a week. Up to six artists may be at the same time, sharing rooms, and they’ll have access to shared studios, infrastructures for sculpture, a library, and the 650 acres of land on which the house is settled. Artists will be taking part or organizing workshops, expeditions at sunrise, performances, collective readings, debates, co-productions, and professional coaching. Artists may apply to the different open-calls that go out every year by sending a curriculum vitae, a body of artworks, and a project proposal.

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La Flecha del Arte
Cap. Sarmiento, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


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