El Pasaje

El Pasaje

The art residency El Pasaje is located in the wilderness, surrounded by the mountains of Tafí del Valle, in the region of Tucumán, North Argentina.

It is coordinated by Juan Grande, the artist Ludmila Ríos Guillén and the curator Belén Romero Gunset since 2017.

«The residence proposes the relationship and the link between the artist and the environment, the nature, seeking to decontextualize the artist from his usual place of work», indicates Ludmila Ríos Guillén.

With two residency programs a year, El Pasaje welcomes artists from Argentina to share during ten days their experiences and knowledge.

«I see here in El Pasaje that the selection process was very successful because all the artists here had things in common, like nature, something of biology I see in all of them as well. Then, interesting talks were made», witnesses Martin Selis, artist in residence.

The group of artists selected will be offered a spacious house in the middle of nature, and a constant curatorial accompaniment from the coordinators of the residency program.

«I am the kind of tutor who is in charge of giving exercises so that there is a coordinated group work, and so that we can all advance in different aspects. I am very focused on creativity, not so much about the result,» explains Belen.

The residency is concluded with an open studio in an exhibition center in the city of Tucumán, which allows artists to show, if not a finished artwork, the process of creation.

«It is important because one not only takes the experience of the work process, but there is a time of exposition, which also has to be thought about and prepared {…} it is very nutritious for the artist» confides Karina Quinteros, artist in residence.

Foundation year



Ludmila Ríos Guillén
Juan Grande






El Pasaje
Tafí del Valle, Argentine


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