CRUDO Arte Contemporáneo

CRUDO Arte Contemporáneo

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CRUDO Arte Contemporáneo is an independent production center created in 2015 by the artists Yuyo Gardiol and Fepi Farina.

With the aim to support contemporary arts, they created educational, curatorial, and training programs for artists of the region, together with regular exhibitions, art residencies for international and national artists, seminars, publications, and through the creation of an international network of artists, curators, investigators, and institutions.

The residency program generates a space for production and investigation and intends to give a full experience of the local cultural field by immersing the residents in artists’ meetings and visits to local studios, exhibitions, and institutions. Each artist is invited to work on their personal project but is encouraged to open dialogues with the other residents in order to create collaborative initiatives.

Up to three artists at the same time can apply for a two to four weeks’ stay to execute either a self-directed, research, production, or exhibition program. Artists will be helped in their search for grants that may fund half to the full residency. 

Artists will be sharing a flat with shared and private rooms, and have access to shared studios with local artists working on-site as well, instruments, tools, and exhibition spaces. Selected artists will be constantly mentored during their stay thanks to regular meetings with dedicated curators and the participation in activities inside and outside the residency to maximize the creativity of artists. The residency ends with an open studio where artists can set up exhibitions, conferences, and performances to present their results to the community.

CRUDO also organizes « Residencia Móvil », a nomadic program in the Santa Fe’s region.

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Yuyo Gardiol and Fepi Farina




CRUDO Arte Contemporáneo
Italia 1044, S2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


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