Residencia Vatelón

Residencia Vatelón

The Vatelón Residency was initiated in 2013 by the artists and cultural managers Clarissa Guarilha y Andrés Boero Madrid in Villa Soriano, the first Spanish foundation in Uruguay.

The residency program is open to all disciplines with an emphasis on visual arts. However, the proposals of the artists must have a connection with the surroundings of Villa Soriano and its inhabitants.

« We open our house to receive artists from all over the world who come to work here, based on the town, its people, the landscape, the river, the islands, the bushes. Villa Soriano is closely linked to the countryside as well, so there is a particular identity being here, wedged between the two rivers that are the Río Uruguay and the Río Negro » indicates Andrés Boero Madrid, founder of the residency.

Artists will stay on-site and have access to a workspace to focus on their projects, using the 12 days of residency as they see fit, but always keeping in mind to organize workshops, classes, or artworks that will enrich the local community.

« We have a fairly clear principle that is to decentralize the artistic production {…} It also seems to me that it fulfills this role a little, not only giving artists the possibility of generating a career, a professional trajectory, but also giving people who do not have access to art the possibility of being in contact with artists. I think it’s a bit of our mission » confides Clarissa Guarilha, founder of the Vatelón Residency.

Foundation year



Andrés Boreo Madrid
Clarissa Guarilha




Residencia Vatelón
Villa Soriano, Uruguay


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