Residencia Camaleón

Residencia Camaleón

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The Camaleón Collective was initiated as a network of individuals from the cultural fields that wanted to establish nonhierarchical relations and give spaces for dialogues and social experiences between artists and the Ecuadorian community of Las Tunas.

Through disciplines as performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual and multimedia arts, plastic arts, literature, cinema, activism, education, land art, and design, the aim of the collective is to raise questions on identity, gender, environmental issues, and inclusive culture as part of our daily life.

The Camaleón Residency started in 2019 as a trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary program that takes place once a year for two weeks and welcomes 5 artists for a creative retreat. Artists can now apply for a self-directed program all year long. In addition to participate in collaborative workshops and develop projects with the local communities, the artists will receive accommodations, shared equipped studios, editing materials, music instruments, assistance, and professional coaching. During their stay, artists will have the opportunity to have a better understanding of the Ecuadorian ancestral culture and to discover the amazing nature surrounding the residency by doing some expeditions in the national park Machalila or along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Selected artists are strongly encouraged to do some workshops, publications, exhibitions, or conferences for the local community. The residency aims to be a platform for knowledge exchanges that generates communitarian projects improving the daily life of the locals and giving them direct access to contemporary art and culture. The selection is made through the presentation of an artist statement, a project proposal, and the revision of the applicants’ website and Instagram account.

Foundation year



Lydia Navas - Camaleón Colectivo




Residencia Camaleón
Las Tunas, Manabí, Ecuador


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