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Puerto Contemporaneo is an alternative platform created in 2013 by Ricardo Moreno and dedicated to the production, formation, investigation, and circulation of contemporary art contents in Colombia.

Among many activities, the initiative organizes exhibitions, creative laboratories, editorial processes, and radio emissions. It was created as a node for reflection and creation, allowing the study of local and international contexts and the creation of a dialogue between arts, technologies, and territory, with a focus on new languages and experimentation. The platform supports alternative projects of creation in the phases of production, post-production, and diffusion.

The residency program of Puerto Contemporaneo takes place on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, in La Boquilla district, known to be the fisher district of the historical city of Cartagena. The place has been specially chosen because of the lack of cultural spaces in that neighborhood and the necessity to bring art to its inhabitants. It creates an independent circuit that aims to decentralize the mainstream canals of contemporary arts in the country. The residency is oriented towards cultural exchanges, creative processes, project management, investigation, and social retribution. Up to six artists are invited to share a house for a one-month stay during which they nurture each other’s projects to create collaborative works. Artists will have shared workshops, access to a sound recording studio, instruments, and computers. The residency is organized in three steps: investigation, production, and socialization being an exhibition, workshops, conferences, or an open studio. During the stay, permanent diffusion of the inside activities will be made on social media, press, and website.

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Puerto Contemporáneo
La Boquilla, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


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