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The Momentom Collective created by Gabrielle Bonneville, Therese Lowton, and John Early, gathers circus artists, performers, musicians, yogis, and digital nomads from the four corners of the world.

Since 2016, Momentom Collective organizes residencies in amazing locations of the southern hemisphere where creative minds can share the gift of community.

« We really like to harness the creativity of a community coming together in collaboration, and we’re able to add value to each other {…} being both the teacher and the student in any given day, and to upstart and find the passion in our own leadership, being the leader in our own passion, that kind of yin and yang », explains John Early, co-founder of Momentom Collective.

From November to February, the Momentom Collective bases its circus and yoga residency on the Atitlán Lake in Guatemala, where residents can apply for a week to a month's stay. With established professors and a huge choice of daily activities, the participants will be able to work on self-development, mindfulness practices, corporal exercises, and spiritual ceremonies.

« We opened this spot in San Marcos so that we continue to train in yoga and circus, and many people around the world will know that San Marcos is a very heart-opening, energetically manifesting space, where people can talk about things that are not considered the norm. We do bring in ceremonies, we bring sacred dance, shamanism, we bring all of the things from this culture so that our residents can experience something way different », confides Gabrielle Bonneville, co-founder of the collective.

Residents will be hosted in a different location every year, but always with a strong spiritual connexion with the exceptional volcanos surrounding the Atitlán Lake. They will receive daily training in yoga and circus, classes from renowned teachers, healthy and vegetarian food, and of course, they will have time to connect with the other incredible participants and their own researches.

« They offer such a wide variety of classes, silks, aerials, yoga, and meditation every morning which is absolutely my favorite thing. They offer beautiful talks and community time to drop in with one another, different sorts of workshops from tantra to astrology to different kinds of consciousness and how we can grow as humans », indicates Kierra Sabrie, dancer and Momentom resident 2019.

Momentom Collective organizes multidisciplinary residencies in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indonesia, Morocco, and will surely come up with new incredible locations around the world in the next years.

« I would recommend this experience for anybody whether they are interested in circus or not, just to be in this community with such powerful people can benefit anybody. Highly recommended! », exclaims Spencer Sherman, resident of Momentom residency Guatemala.

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Momentom Collective
San Marcos La Laguna, Lac Átitlan, Guatemala


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