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The art residency Macolla Creativa created in 2014 by Desirée Chique and Julio Loaiza in Caracas revolves around collaborative practices between artists, institutions, and the local community, in addition to promoting the work of young emerging artists.

Dedicated to visual arts, but not closed to other disciplines, artists in residence can present projects on three different levels: experimentation in their practice, a new project in the starting or ending phase, and a work with a social aspect, including the local community. In any case, the artists will be offered for a period of two weeks the accommodation, food, a workshop, mentoring, work in other artist’s studios if needed, and an insertion into the local art community.

« The artistic residence, above all, is important because it gives us the possibility of locking ourselves up and being able to produce an idea. This idea has to be related to what I live, what I feel. So, in this space of the everyday life, we can understand ourselves a little more, {…} The artistic residence generates new relationships, new possibilities, but from permanent work in the workshop, from researching, and I believe that the residence strengthens a community » confides Julio Loaiza, founder of Macolla Creativa.

The artists are invited to give workshops, classes, or conferences, and every residency ends up with an exhibition or a presentation of the work realized during the stay, which is nowadays crucial for the survival of contemporary culture in Venezuela’s troubled political and economical situation.

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Desirée Chique
Julio Loaiza




Macolla Creativa
Caracas, Venezuela


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