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The art residency KAI was created by the Peruvian artist Carlos Garavito Herrera in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the famous region of the Incas in Peru.

Dedicated to arts, sciences, and investigation, the residency aims to generate a dialogue between contemporary artists and the ancestral knowledge of the Andean communities.

«The richness of this region, in truth, is all the living culture that is super interesting, and all the ancient traditions and techniques that still exist, all the archaeological zones around, Machu Pichu, Ollantaytambo, Písac, all the natural sources as well, all the reserves, {…} but I think what is super important for me is that the language has been maintained, which is the Quechua, and all these traditions in all these communities,» explains Carlos Garavito Herrera, founder of KAI.

Since 2014, KAI offers its residents the opportunity to know the arts of textiles, ceramics, stonework, goldsmith, and any traditional arts and beliefs that take place in the Sacred Valley. 

«I am very interested in this ancestral part, coming from the heart, acting from the heart, everything that is more spontaneous {…} I really like the culture here, how it works. It is true that the residence is very useful to me, I think it has a very good energy to connect with a part of you that perhaps is more forgotten,» confides Cristina Huarte, resident artist at KAI.

Filmmakers, visual artists, musicians, photographers, scientists, and investigators are encouraged to propose projects in relation to the surroundings of the community of Calca. The artists will be granted a comfortable living space, workspaces, and mentoring, in addition to contacts with local artists and craftsmen.

Up to 30 artists are accepted every year and the period of residency can vary from one to three months, depending on the needs of the project. Artists will be given the opportunity to organize workshops, exhibitions, or any kind of cultural events they see fit to present their researches. With accommodation for up to six persons at the same time, artists will also share an international experience that will feed the cultural exchange and the projects’ perspectives.

«We always have really nice moments in the kitchen where we are talking about our works or references, or different themes related or unrelated, it really helps to develop the work. The space is amazing, it’s like a little island bless in the valley and the valley has a lot to see and get inspired from,» indicates Laura Marques, artist in residence at KAI.

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