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Estudio Nuboso

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Estudio Nuboso is a nomadic art and ecology platform based in Panama that facilitates space and time for encounters between people, nature, science, culture and diverse communities.

Its vision is to reconnect people with nature through culture and to be part of the global movement that promotes a more harmonious and reciprocal relationship with the planet. As a collective, their mission is to generate experiences and disseminate knowledge that promote regenerative practices in individuals, communities and the environment. To this end, they design multidisciplinary programs and encounters in different ecosystems, from residencies and short workshops to publications and audiovisual projects. Over the years, the platform has built a solid network of people and organizations in Panama and the rest of the world that share the will to protect and conserve the rich ecosystems of Central America.

Estudio Nuboso has three different residency programs, a short one called "Flash LAB" dedicated to collaboration between disciplines, a 5 to 15 day program called "Soil" oriented to the territory and local communities, and a month-long "Art and Science LAB" dedicated to scientific dissemination in collaboration with art. Each program is designed in a multidisciplinary way and promotes knowledge sharing and community outreach.

The residencies occur each time in different locations, depending on the programs; and the conditions of acceptance and available accommodation, activities and workspaces are specified in the open calls. Artists will be received in places with a strong connection to Panama's tropical ecosystems.

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Estudio Nuboso
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