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El Paradero Cultural

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El Paradero Cultural is an art center created in 2016 by the artist and cultural manager Henri Quispe.

The goal of El Paradero Cultural is to build an innovative integration platform for arts, sciences, education, activism, and communitarian initiatives through autonomous management and cooperations. It focuses on the production and diffusion of emerging and experimental projects from the local and international scenes and aims to be a converging space for interdisciplinary communities where solidarity, equality, diversity, transversality, and inclusivity are common objectives. The center organizes many cultural activities all year long such as concerts, readings, classes of Quechua, exhibitions, workshops, video screenings, or creation laboratories among many other events. It has become a referent space for art and culture in the Lince district of the Peruvian capital.

The residency program is open to national and international emerging artists, musicians, performers, and creative minds and can welcome up to three artists at the same time for a one to three months stay. The program is self-directed, but artists are encouraged to organize workshops, classes, community building activities, performances, open-studios, or exhibitions for the local community during their stay. Selected artists will be hosted in the house in shared rooms, collective and pet friendly, and will have access to shared studios, a sculpture workshop, ceramic facilities, a sound recording studio, a library, a dance floor, a stage, editing materials, computers, printers, a VR studio, and exhibition spaces. In addition, artists will receive assistance in the realization of their projects. Artists can apply all year long by sending a curriculum vitae and a project proposal. 

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El Paradero Cultural
Jr. León Velarde N° 982 Lince Lima 51 Lince, Peru


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