El Hayuelo - Residencias Artísticas Ecolodge

El Hayuelo - Residencias Artísticas Ecolodge

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El Hayuelo - Residencias Artísticas Ecolodge - is an independent initiative created in 2012 by Consuelo Quintero in the historic town of Villa de Leyva.

The space used to be solely dedicated to ecotourism, but over the years its founder has increasingly supported the production and dissemination of contemporary arts by hosting artists from around the world. The project is now a well-known residence in Colombia for self-managed projects and for artists wishing to get to know the tourist sites of the region such as the blue wells, some fossils, the Zaquencipá Valley, the Paleontological Museum, the Astronomical Observatory or the Terracota House.

Located in an old farmhouse one kilometer from the city center, El Hayuelo has six independent houses, fully equipped to accommodate artists who wish to take time to immerse themselves in their personal work. Each house is specially designed to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and to be able to work in a very quiet place. The program welcomes visual artists, painters, architects, writers, and sculptors without restriction of age, gender, nationality, or career level.

Artists will be hosted for periods ranging from one week to three months, and will have access to a private studio in their home, shared studios if they choose to collaborate with other artists in residence, and exhibition space if they choose to share the results of their research with local communities. For example, they may organize classes for local youth, open studios, or an exhibition during their stay.

Interested artists can apply throughout the year by sending a resume and a project proposal.

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El Hayuelo - Residencias Artísticas Ecolodge
Km 1 vía al infiernito, vereda Monquirá, Villa de Leyva, Col. 154401


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