Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia

Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia

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The Cultural Association Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia is a rural organization created in 2012 by the artist Diana Riesco Lind and Hilma Lind del Aguila.

The mission of Centro Selva is to provide spaces for education, research, and cultural activities in the Peruvian Amazon Forest. The aim is to mingle contemporary practices with the ancestral and modern sciences of the region. The center is open to individuals, groups of artists, and the general public and is based on a 1000 acres site counting with virgin and reforested forests, fruits and vegetable forests, and fish farming pools.

The association proposes different programs that can be tailored to the artists’ needs. The « Group residency » welcomes 5 to 12 artists at the same time for a three weeks stay during which they’ll be immersed in the region and its rich culture. A second program is oriented to Peruvian art students that will receive professional coaching from experienced artists and participate in workshops and debates. The last program is for artists looking for a self-directed residency for the needs of a specific project.

During their stay, artists and students will get some notions on themes related to scientific practices such as Amazonian agriculture, zoo-techniques, veterinary practices, biology, and forestal preservation. The programs are open to national and international artists and seek to be as multidisciplinary as possible.

Artists will be living on the pet-friendly farm, sharing rooms, and will have access to shared studios, a library, and the use of the common areas for any workshops, classes, communitarian projects they’d like to realize. The residency may end with an exhibition in the cities of Pucallpa or Lima.

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Diana Riesco Lind & Hilma Lind del Aguila






Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia
Campoverde, Peru


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