ACENTRICSPACE is an artist-run space and residency based in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. As the name ‘Acentric’ suggests, we strive to provide a creative space and exchange platform for contemporary artists without restrictions and boundaries.

ACENTRICSPACE is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art exhibitions, and artists in residence and providing workshops for the public, etc. In addition, ACENTRICSPACE encourages collaboration between international artists and local artists in contemporary Chinese society; where multicultural expression sparks fresh perspectives and ideas.

Can you present the residency program?
ACENTRICSPACE Art Residency encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be inspired. ACENTRICSPACE Art Residency aims to provide an ideal creative and living environment for all artists. It opens to all contemporary artists throughout the year, during the residency, artists are encouraged to create a new body of work and engage in conversation with artists from China and around the world. Since the launch of the residency project in October 2017, over 100 artists have participated in the ACENTRICSPACE residency program.

What kind of artists can apply to your program?
The artist must be independent, and capable of working and living on their own. The artist is required to deal with the production, installation, and de-installation by themselves. The artist has to apply for their visa personally, and the visa should conform with the residency. The artist must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

What do you offer to the artist in residence ?
ACENTRICSPACE The building itself covers an area of 550 square meters, a total of 4 floors. The ground floor contains 6 private studios within shared studio space (a total of 220 square meters) and 3 storage rooms. The 1st floor is filled with 2 exhibition spaces, 1 café, and kitchen, 1 laundry room, and 2 courtyards. The 2nd floor contains 7 private rooms for resident artists. The 3rd floor contains an ACENTRICSPACE office and 1 rooftop terrace. Gallery, accommodation, and studio are all in the same building, for a more convenient living and working environment, ideal for an art residency.

What do you ask of the artists during their residency?
The residency is run as a sustainable program, the residency fee meets the minimal cost of running the residency. The residency fee is 7700CNY per artist per month, including studio, accommodation, and exhibition. ACENTRICSPACE does not carry any funding support yet, so we encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants, or financial support in their home countries during the application period. ACENTRICSPACE will provide the necessary documentation as the selected applicant so requires. Resident artists are responsible for transportation, food, art materials, and other living expenses. At the end of each residency program, all residency works belong to the residency artists, and ACENTRICSPACE does not ask the residency artists to donate their residency works.

Do you think your residency has an impact on the cultural and social context of your city or country?
ACENTRICSPACE is one of the few independent artist-run residencies in China, since it was founded in 2017, it has hosted over 100 artists from 27 countries. As an important member of the local art community, we bring exhibitions, workshops, and artist-in-residence to the public in Shanghai, China.

Do you think art residencies are important? For what reasons?
Art Residency encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be inspired.

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No.12, Lane 599, Zhujiajiao, Qingpu, Shanghai