Advertizing your residency through social networks and key partners

Caroline Lacey is assistant director of Laberinto Projects, an art residency located in El Salvador. Their approach to advertize the residency program allows an international visibility.

As a relatively young organization, Laberinto Projects has been proactively utilizing social media platforms and their website to promote their residency program. Recognizing the power of these platforms, Laberinto Projects ensures that potential applicants have easy access to information about their residency through these online channels.

Laberinto Projects understands the significance of partnerships and collaborations in expanding their reach. Lacey highlights their collaboration with the Cultural Center of Spain, a well-established in Latin America organization that has supported numerous residencies. Leveraging the extensive networks of their partners, Laberinto Projects taps into broader audiences and diverse communities interested in artistic endeavors. Laberinto Projects acknowledges that while they may not have as an extensive following as them, they benefit from the strong networks cultivated by their partners. Lacey explains that they have "Supported a lot of the residencies, which has been great. And then they have their centers in different countries, and so the call will go out through the networks that they've built.” By strategically piggybacking on these established networks, Laberinto Projects reaches a wider audience, ensuring that their residency opportunity reaches those seeking a unique and introspective experience.

On another hand, the nature of Laberinto Projects' residency program also appeals to a specific kind of artist. Lacey describes it as a "very specific kind of residency" and highlights the location as a factor that sets it apart. Situated in a beautiful but secluded area of El Salvador, the residency offers an environment conducive to introspection and personal exploration. Lacey acknowledges the challenges in attracting artists to a remote location, stating, "It's not the easiest place to get to in the world." However, Laberinto Projects has managed to capture the attention of artists who are genuinely seeking this kind of unique experience.

While Laberinto Projects engages in advertising efforts, such as posting on residency websites and collaborating with universities, the organization has primarily relied on word of mouth and recommendations. Lacey mentions that artists who resonate with Laberinto Projects' vision and environment often find their way to the residency. She expresses a desire to reach a broader audience but emphasizes that "people have really found us.”

The impact of Laberinto Projects on participating artists has been overwhelmingly good. Lacey highlights that after experiencing the residency, artists provide feedback that is "usually very positive." The opportunity to spend a week immersed in their own thoughts and creative researches is seen as a precious gift. The residency program at Laberinto Projects allows artists to explore their ideas in a beautiful and isolated setting, resulting in a highly enriching experience.

Laberinto Projects, as a young nonprofit organization, has successfully utilized social media platforms, strategic partnerships, and word of mouth to promote their residency program. By capitalizing on established networks and offering a unique and introspective experience, Laberinto Projects has managed to attract artists who resonate with their vision. The positive feedback received from artists serves as a testament to the valuable and enriching opportunities provided by Laberinto Projects' art residency program in El Salvador.