INSTITUTO is a focal point for different forms of cultural expression, located in the heart of Porto. The team’s interests and backgrounds have given rise to a program diverging from architecture to encompass visual and spatial arts.

INSTITUTO seeks to encourage the creation and exploration of new contemporary discourses through interdisciplinarity, critical thinking, multidisciplinary collaborations, the informality of the space and the will to tackle burning issues in today’s society.

Can you present the residency program?
INSTITUTO hosts residencies for artists, architects and researchers who are looking for an opportunity to live and work in Porto for a period of up to 3 months before presenting their work at a public event. We accept self-funded spontaneous applications. We also provide support with applications for grants suggested by candidates. Furthermore, we ask applicants to send a bio/CV and a synopsis of the project they aim to develop at INSTITUTO. We particularly welcome proposals related to architecture, critical spatial practices, urban culture and postcolonial subjects, with a tangible public and social impact.

What kind of artists can apply to your program?
Artists, architects and researchers of any nationality, age and background. We particularly welcome proposals related to architecture, critical spatial practices, urban culture and postcolonial subjects, with a tangible public and social impact.

What do you offer to the artist in residence ?
We offer a space for artistic and research residencies of short or medium duration. Independent access from the courtyard. Fully equipped kitchen, toilet, shower, washing machine, private studio (17.5m²) - bright room with high ceiling, equipped with chairs/lamp/tables, original shelf and a sofa-bed. Direct link to the bedroom and project room.

What do you ask of the artists during their residency?
We ask residency participants to present their work at a public event of their choice at the end of the residency stay. Other forms of local engagements are welcome such as workshops, talks etc.

Do you think your residency has an impact on the cultural and social context of your city or country?
Since it opened in December 2018, INSTITUTO has organized several different types of activities - talks, exhibitions, workshops and publications. It has hosted events, training sessions and series focusing on individuals and collectives from a variety of disciplines, both nationally and internationally. The venue’s location on Rua dos Clérigos, close to some of the city’s main landmarks, with a downtown buzz and public transport links covering the whole city, has led to increasing activity and public attendance.

Do you think art residencies are important? For what reasons?
Our aim by hosting an art residency is to foster knowledge exchange and enriching the local community. This exchange enhances the artistic and creative landscape of the area. Art residencies often results in the creation of new work and projects that resonate with local issues and narratives, allowing the organization to address community concerns through the medium of art. This not only raises awareness but also promotes a sense of community ownership and engagement. Additionally, the presence of visiting artists can stimulate local dialogue, encouraging residents to think critically and participate in the arts. These experiences help build a sense of inclusivity within a community, ultimately fostering a deeper connection between the organization and the local population.

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Rua dos Clérigos 44, 4050-204 Porto, Portugal