Construction of Cultural Portfolios

Construction of Cultural Portfolios

In the professional life of an artist, a good portfolio can be the happy omen of a successful career.

It is a composition of works thought memorable and capable of being immediately differentiated from the rest. It’s the definitive first impression in time to show up for a job, interview with a gallery, or apply to college. A well-accomplished portfolio is a fundamental tool for promoting abilities, skills, knowledge, and trajectory in the world of the arts. For this reason, it is important to invest the necessary time in its preparation. Its conception generates a process of investigation, discovery, and selection of the pieces that come to make it up.

Unlike a resume rich in detail and well-used words, a portfolio appeals to the senses. It is a highly sensory and essentially visual document. It is attractive for the selection of colors, shapes, textures, and even sounds and smells. It all depends on the creativity of the artist!

This workshop aims to teach participants to creatively build their cultural portfolios. There is no exact recipe, much less a standard, each artist creates a unique and personal piece. However, the workshop will offer the necessary guidelines so as not to neglect any of the components that exhibitors consider essential in their conformation.

With the intention of not giving a purely technical workshop, the exhibitors have seen the need to give an integral perspective to the creative and innovative process of the construction of the course. The experience seeks to promote the strengthening of capacities, innovation as a resource to personal limitations, and the design of thought.

Online event
9 of January 2021 - From 9h to 13h GMT-4

Dante Chumacero
Curator and Designer of Art Exhibitions and Director of DCH Fines Arts

Jennifer Chumacero
Senior Consultant in Organizational Development and Ontological Coach

Alexandra Christev & Vladimir de Vaumas
Experts in art residencies and founders of de Artists In Residence TV

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