Artists In Residence Television, the 2.0 network of art residencies!

Artists In Residence Television, the 2.0 network of art residencies!

Artists In Residence Television launches its new website with more than 200 artist residencies spread over 20 countries!

The residencies are referenced from their video channels or with reports made by Artists In Residence Television in Latin America and Spain, and the new search engine includes nearly a hundred selection criteria so that member residencies can better reference themselves and thus facilitate the search for artists.

2 years of field investigation, 19 Latin American countries, 310 residencies, 1,000 interviews with professionals and already 50 reports available on Artists In Residence Television!

From 2017 to 2020, the founders of Artists In Residence Television, Alexandra Christev and Vladimir de Vaumas, traveled 150. 000 kilometers to discover more than 300 artist residency programs, from the Caribbean to Cape Horn, through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. They interviewed nearly 1,000 founders, managers, curators and artists, with a view to producing reports on their residency programs. About 50 of these reports are already online on the new website.

AIRTV, a network of artistic opportunities for residencies, artists and cultural professionals

A registration form allows residencies with audiovisual content to join the platform free of charge and to create a page with their main information, a written interview, five selection criteria and three artistic disciplines.

The website, accessible in French, Spanish and English, will allow artists and cultural professionals to find their residency programs quickly, instinctively and always with video materials. Artists and art lovers will also discover a calendar of calls for applications and events of member residencies that will keep them informed of opportunities and activities available around them, as well as abroad!

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