Collectors in residence, an innovative concept in the art world

Anne-France Jacquart, founder of the residency La Place in Barcelona, created a new kind of residency specially for collectors. But how does it work exactly?

Created in 2014 by Anne-France Jacquart, La Place can host one artist at a time. Artists will then have the possibility to work within the exhibition space and reside on the spot, in the room upstairs.

In 2018, La Place takes a new turn by welcoming collectors in residence. "This year, I'll be focusing on collectionism. By this, I mean motivating art lovers to buy,” indicates Anne-France Jacquart.

The concept is simple, in order to make the place live, each resident leaves an artwork, and collectors, instead of paying for the stay, will have to acquire a work with a price equivalent to their stay. The founder explains, “For me, really, the main quality of the collector is precisely to give artists the economic possibility, to give them a space and time, to give them all that.” In her opinion, collectors are in numbers and ready to commit to new contemporary ideas and trends. Jacquart emphasizes, "They take part either in the production or distribution of a catalog, or organize exhibitions in their own homes. There's an enormous amount of commitment on the part of collectors, and that's why it's so important to try to support and help them.”

Anne-France Jacquart shares an example of a project she co-financed, involving artist Alfonso Borragán. "For this project, in order to finance it, I invited collectors from France, as I'm French, to come to Barcelona for three days and take part in the collective action," she explains. "They took part in the event, they financed the event, and then they left with a photo of the event.” The picture was printed in only ten copies, and each collector left Barcelona with theirs. “It wasn't easy because I had to sell the project without having seen the photo because Alfonso Boraggán's work is special, it always comes out at the end, so it's after the performance that the photo comes out. So I had to explain and make them understand that Alfonso Boraggán is a promising artist, and that they were committing themselves to this artist and his work,” confides Anne-France Jacquart.

Through her unique concept of collectors in residency, Anne-France Jacquart aims to bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and artists, providing economic support while fostering a collaborative and nurturing environment for artistic expression. This innovative approach not only encourages collectors to actively engage with the art world but also empowers artists to thrive.

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